Firefighter hook up

Firefhter anchor hook “THE TREADY HOOK” orinated in December of 2009 and a provisional patent was filed with the USPTO on February 4, 2014. Crosby® S-360 firefhter anchor hook. Warning & application instructions. • Never use the hook in an application not specifiy approved in your employer’s fire escape training.

STANDPIPE OPERATIONS The BASICS - Fire Engineering There is no need to fumble with holstering an axe or sledge hammer, which improves the safety of your roof operations. Oct 1, 2006. You want to get the basic equipment up there quickly and get the job. done, the firefhter at the standpipe should connect the in-line pressure.

Engine Evolutions Chapter 4 – Engine Evolutions This hook allows you to get rid of the axe or sledge when going to the roof. Position #4 firefhter will serve as the back-up person on the hose line with few. After connecting the gated wye to the 2½” line, position #4 firefhter.

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