Dating antique milk bottles

<em>Antique</em> Bottle Trader

Antique Bottle Trader Anyway, this offered example is 9.5" tall, has an applied, one-part "oil" type lip or finish, smooth shallowly domed base, and is in a very nice yellow color with an amber tone. Animal & Vet Beer Bottles. Bitters Bottles. Black Glass & Case Gin bottles. Books. Cosmetic & Hair Bottles. Drug Store Bottles. Eye Cups. Food Jars & Bottles

<strong>Antique</strong> <strong>Milk</strong> <strong>Bottles</strong>

Antique Milk Bottles ) bottle (the Turner Brothers barrels are really Eastern items). Antique Milk Bottles. Circleware Dairy Antique Glass Milk Drink Bottles with Strong Reusable Plastic Straws and Wooden Tray, 10 Ounce.

Bill's <em>Antique</em> <em>Milk</em> <em>Bottles</em> For Sale

Bill's Antique Milk Bottles For Sale it lht yellow amber if you will; a tad lhter than the average example but not quite as lht as the lhter example pictured in Wichmann's book. A milk bottle page for collecting and selling antique dairy milk bottles, jugs and caps. A must page for the collection of Tall Round Pyro Quart Milk Bottles for a 50.

Diamond I

Diamond I" or "I inside a Diamond" (If you are looking for one of these you likely know the stories better than I.) These bottles date from only 1869 according to Wichmann's great "Antique Western Bitters Bottles" book (and the Wilson's 1969 classic) who listed them as valued at "00 to 00" in the various shades of amber (the unique lht citron green example was unknown at that time). Diamond I, or "I inside a Diamond" mark seen on antique bottles, jars, glass containers, Illinois Glass Company, Alton, Illinois~ history, information

Glass <em>Bottles</em> from

Glass Bottles from This example is essentially perfectly mint with no chips, cracks, pings, dings or flea-bites. Bottles and jars we sell for use with Glass Bottles. This is a list of our products that go great with Glass Bottles in glass or plastic our bottles and jars are the.

<b>Antique</b> Perfume <b>Bottles</b> - Collector

Antique Perfume Bottles - Collector 50MOULTON'S OLOROSO BITTERS / TRADE / (Pineapple motif) / MARK -These large, heavy glass and very esthetiy pleasing bottles have always been a favorite of mine and this example is an very nice one indeed. Later, as Lalique’s name became as synonymous with perfume bottles as Coty’s, he would make empty vessels so that customers could transfer their perfumes into.

Ralph Kipp's <i>Milk</i> Bottle Page

Ralph Kipp's Milk Bottle Page One of the classic Western (made) bottles - the famous Wormser barrel! Ralph Kipp's milk bottle page lists information on collecting milk bottles as well as dairy bottles available for sale or trade.

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