Emotional intelligence and dating

Are You <em>Emotionally</em> Intellent? Here's How to Know for Sure

Are You Emotionally Intellent? Here's How to Know for Sure And when two people who are that smart, that opinionated, and that strong-willed get together, it should obvious that sparks will fly – and tensions will mount. And yet you still hold your boyfriend to a ridiculous standard, as if a man who went to a state school and doesn’t watch Sunday morning political talk shows is a dullard. I married a woman who was smart – who gets every joke, who knows about Shakespeare and classical music, who has definite opinions about Israel/Palestine – but she’s not necessarily in the 98th percentile of intellectual curiosity. our time is usually spent talking about fixing up the house, raising our daughter, planning our next vacation, furing out what we’re going to have for dinner, etc. When emotional intellence EQ first appeared to the masses, it served as the missing link in a peculiar finding people with average IQs outperform those with the.

How <b>Emotional</b> Intellence Affects Your Relationships.

How Emotional Intellence Affects Your Relationships. The key to your future successful relationships is going to come in opening up to smart guys without all the baggage that comes from being brilliant and driven. IQ only accounts for about 10-25% of success. Perhaps a better predictor of achievement in life — and in intimate relationships — is emotional intellence EI.

To marry or not What's <i>emotional</i> intellence got to do with.

To marry or not What's emotional intellence got to do with. And therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re attracted to only MENSA men. So if you believe in self-help, if you’ve read books about spirituality, if you’ve gone to shrinks and taken weekend seminars, and yet you still think your husband has to be on the exact same wavelength as you? To marry or not What's emotional intellence got to do with it. just like intellence is measured with an IQ score. EQ is basiy an emotional IQ.

A Man's <strong>Emotional</strong> Intellence is the New Sexy -

A Man's Emotional Intellence is the New Sexy - They can be endlessly fascinating and even more frustrating. And yet you still say you want a man who is smarter than you are. Sounds like a pretty exhausting relationship, doesn’t it? It does mean that you need to accept men who are not in the 98th percentile of intellence, and recognize that there are plenty of amazing, brht, relationship-oriented men who may not be smarter than you. Apr 4, 2016. Emotional intellence EI is closely linked to success in business and life. Dating the same type of people and complaining that there's no.

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