Dating alone thaisub chanyeol ep 1

Park <em>Chanyeol</em> - Alchetron, The Free

Park Chanyeol - Alchetron, The Free Don't count him out, just give him time to grow into his acting chops. (w/ Sung Kyung) I am hoping that someday, i'll get to see you in person. I admire you more when I saw your posts watching the live game of GSW and a pic or Stephen Curry. Park Chanyeol Korean Hanja Piaocanlie. Name Park Chanyeol Heht 1. also featured in the 2015 show Dating Alone. On May 15, 2015 Chanyeol feat Baekhyun.

Unpretty Rapstar S2 Ep.9

Unpretty Rapstar S2 Ep.9 He suits the comedic roles really well but needs to do more diverse characters like he done with Scarlet Heart. Unpretty Rapstar S2 Ep.9131,509 views. One-punch Troll • 1 year ago. omg so I'm not alone, I was just so speecess that chanyeol was all fake this while.

TwoYoo Project Sugarman Ep.32 - Guest EXO, EXID.

TwoYoo Project Sugarman Ep.32 - Guest EXO, EXID. So just give respect, these guys are awesome and deserve to be seen more in Kdrama or Kmovies. WHY OHHH WHYYYYY ;__; First time i saw you in cheese in the trap drama and i thought that you are Lee jung shin or maybe you are his younger brother, but after i browsed at Google, actually you two are two different people.. May 24, 2016. TwoYoo Project Sugarman Ep.32132,693 views. agree with you,chanyeol voice really nice and warm. meashy • 1 year ago. How I know Hani is a true fan of TheThe, she got excited all alone and kept clapping off. IP addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider ISP, date/time stamp.

Bring it on, Ghost - Asian

Bring it on, Ghost - Asian (Sungjae is from a boyband and they're all about acting but I agree he did a good job in School 2015 and in Goblin) I dont really like him first. Fade0406 Jun 23 2017 am The plot is little bit predictable. I already predicted that Hyun Ji didn't die. She is in coma. How did I know? I noticed it by her.

Fantastic Duo Ep.4

Fantastic Duo Ep.4 When i watched him on Who Are You: School 2015 i have no idea why he's the lead with that kind of acting.. His acting still lack but i hope he'll improve somehow.. May 8, 2016. Fantastic Duo Ep.4167,166 views. funtastick • 1 year ago. 2 vocalist and 1 rap which is prob chanyeol since he can play instruments too exo. and simply amazing. let alone their incredible voice and their bromance hehe. addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider ISP, date/time stamp.

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