Laws for dating a 17 year old

Is it legal for a 26 year old to date a 16 And for the record, there is NOTHING that a 16 yr old and a 26 yr old have in common other than sex. I'm going to do some investating you, because if your as nice as you seem to be. It is legal do date them. It's not legal to. There's only one reason a 26 year old would go after a 16 year old. Someone. #17 Aug 8, 2011.

Statutory Rape The Age of Consent LegalMatch Law What the situation is in the US seems to rather depend on the laws of the State in question. This would allow a sixteen year old to lawfully have sex with a fourteen. It is illegal for anyone to have sex with someone under the age of 17.

Age of consent Victoria Legal Aid What is illegal is if one is a minor/below the age of consent and there is intimacy. In most of Europe the age of consent is 16 and below 18 a minor. There are laws about the age young people can have sex, which is different in each state or territory. Sixteen to 17 years old. A person who is.

Im 19 in the Marines dating a 17 year old an need to You cannot legally have sex with them if you are more than 5 years older than they are, when they're under the age of 18. I need to introduce you to my 21 year old daughter that is very beautiful inside and out and her outside beauty gets her played by good looking guys that cheat. Hello, Thank you for the information and your question. If you are worried about the statutory rape laws, then under NC law the age of consent is 16 years of age.

Can a 22 year-old guy date a 17 It is absolutely illegal for him to touch her in any single sexual way whatsoever. I am 22 she is 17 turning 18 in 8 months October. We talk a lot. I need the details, and in particular if you, and she, live in Michan. If you do it.

Can A 16 Year Old Legally Date A 18 Year Old? - YouTube At 15, intimacy would clearly be considered illegal. What do you think of an 18 year old guy dating a 16. my bf was 21 i 17 going on. ok i would check your local laws here is legal age.

Age of consent laws Child Family Community If anyone finds out, the older person could be charged with rape - not be careful :) It is not illegal to go out regularly with someone, which is what dating is, regardless of the age difference. Information is current up to the date of publication. Age of consent laws cannot be considered in isolation to other legislation concerning issues such as sexual assault and. Sexual interactions with 16 and 17 year olds under special care.

Year Old Dating 17 Year Old LEGAL. Yes, I have nothing better to do on this fine Saturday nht. Alrht so im dating a 17 year old in Massachusetts and we have been dating for nearly a year now, her mom hates me she s me a lot of bad.

Is it illegal for an 18 year old to date a 17 year old He will be charged an sentenced to a minimum of 3 years state penitentiary with 5 years parole and will be forever on the registered sex offenders list. Is it illegal for an 18 year old to date a 17 year old - Answered by a verified Lawyer. The statute does not state anything about dating a minor.

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