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Times The "Once Upon A Time" Fandom Won No one dismisses his son, especially a young, foolish princess, and expects to live happily ever after. Times The "Once Upon A Time" Fandom Won Tumblr. Bagelfire. Posted on. My friend/ coworker always wants me to come up with a interesting name for my coffee order So in honor of. Gifs Credit emmasneverland I just added the text. That moment when Emma reunited with Hook. and felt.

Tumblr TV is the GIF finder and viewer you've I'm t i r e d o f l i v i n g i n t h e p a s t."CSSS here, again. I can't wait to start working on your fic :)haha it’s all good! Tumblr's new feature will give you an endless stream of full-screen GIFs. adding 'gif' to the end of your search and hitting the TV button that pops up. The main Tumblr TV site will play popular GIFs continuously until you select a tag or do. Windows 10 gets a nifty new hook-up with your Android phone.

I swear on emma swan; I saw the crocodile episode and saw Hook and I was like “him and emma would look so good together” and I didn’t even expect them to meet but then the doctor episode happened AND MY BLOG WAS BORN I hope your finals are going well. I'm a fic writer, too (like your other secret santa :). Emmaian You're a changed man now, Hook. We've all seen it. ian jonesI AM LOVING THESE GIF SETS GINA · 257 Jul 30 2017 via/src.

W E N T W O R T H As for your gift, I've had an idea a few days ago that mht be just the thing ;) Btw, how did you become hooked on CS and when? I’ve been cramming for math lol and yah I HATE IT ;_; And it’s a funny story really b/c I started out crackshipping Captain Swan. I'm actually excited rht now because it's almost Friday and we'll get a sneak peek soon, plus the episode is on Sunday. All gifs + videos posted are made by me unless reblogged or stated otherwise. #15. Two people I want to see hook up These two, of course #.

Arrow Meta • After seeing last nht's episode, Sara and I swear on Emma Swan." "Whatever happened this past year, whatever you’re not telling me, I don’t care. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and I hope you only get the hhest marks :) As for your present, an AU fic shall it be. Like Enchanted Forest AU or something more modern, etc.? My last one is next friday and its calculus and I def NEED TO PASS. We all love the gif sets, the squee and the feels that Tumblr provides - but sometimes we need. But I believe the root of the problem is because Sara and Oliver hooked up. He and Sara “randomly” met up, and out of all people he's there?

Fuck Yeah Hook - Tumblr But this is no ordinary trespassing, so it warrants drastic measures. Welcome aboard, sailors! Fuck Yeah Hook is a blog fully dedicated to the ABC Once Upon A Time'scharacter ian Jones, best known as Captain Hook and everything.

Hook-up Gifs - Princess Emma of Misthaven may be one of the most beautiful royals this corner of the Enchanted Forest, but that is of little consequence now. She should not have dismissed Baelfire’s affections like that. Free Hook-up gifs! Browse the largest collection of Hook-up gifs on the web.

Social Media Management How do you cross post from Tumblr Each day features a different prompt, and participants are encouraged to create whatever they wish: fanfiction, pictures, videos, fanmixes, anything they wish to make. Tag all your posts appropriately: “frozen hook”, “frozen hook week”, and “frozenhookedit”. If your submission has any trgers or nudity, please tag it appropriately.3. True, there is no official! way to post to Instagram except by the Instagram mobile app. Sn In. Photosharing · Tumblr website. Sn Up at · More.

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